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Fabric art is my passion. My interest in fabric started as clothes construction then progressed to quiltmaking-craftsmanship. Now for me it's a medium of creative expression.

Monday, November 24, 2008


My 'Green Garden Jacket' was designed with all things green and ecological in mind. Maybe together we can all save the planet. Front and back views are shown.


Yellow is a difficult color to work with because of it's overpowering brightness. Every few years I challenge myself to do a yellow quilt. This wall hanging was done for daughter, Amy, with words taken from her wedding ceremony; which I wrote into the arms of the cross that also have some of my mother's crochet work. It measures 24"x24".

I made this large quilt, 87"x87" for daughter Jessica. The detail shot shows a block with my mother's crochet work incorporated into it. It is hand and machine quilted. The title of the quilt is, 'Flowers for Jessica'.

Another yellow quilt. I designed and made this in 1987 for daughter, Amy. It measures 62"x90" and on the reverse side signed it, 'For Amy whose heart is sunshine'. The quilt has hand applique and hand quilting.


Here is my modern version of a traditional 'crazy quilt' with haphazard patches, but mine is minus the embroidery crazy quilts have. My quilt is shown full view and detail. It measures 65"x90" and I call it 'Scrappy Yellow'.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Is it all about the details? The previous few pictures are close-ups of some of my larger quilts. They give the work a different perspective.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My jacket pictured here front and back is the first quilted jacket I made. I used a pattern by Barbara Bell Doriss and changed it to make it more of what I wanted. The other quilted pieces on the blog are my own designs and are image copyrighted except where noted.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Internet Showing of my Quilt

The Phoenix New Times Blog has a picture of my quilt(13 Flowers for My Mother) as an ad for the Chandler Show I'm in Nov.7 thru Dec.31,2008. Click on the link to view it. http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/


Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. In making this quilted wall hanging I was influenced by his great use of color and repetition. It measures 36"X36" and I call it, '7X7 for Andy Warhol'.


This is the front side of my 'Enigma' quilt. It was made in 1988 for a day bed. I designed and made this for daughter, Melanie.


This is the back of the previous quilt and is one of the favorite quilts that I've made. It's all hand quilted and actually fits on a bed. Day bed, that is. It measures 88"X64" and can be used either side. It's called 'Love Enigma'.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona there is a cactus that blooms beautiful flowers in the Springtime after the sun goes down. It is called Cereus Cactus. As a challenge for the Maverick's Quilt group, that I belong to in the Phoenix area, we had to use botanicals as a theme and I had purple, blue and green as my colors of fabric to use. My quilted wall hanging measures 23"X33" and is titled 'Night Blooming Cereus Cactus'.


This quilt I made for husband Frank's office when he did accounting work for a diamond cutting company. It is all hand quilted, measures 34"x34" and the title is 'Diamond Cut'. It was juried into an Art Quilt show at Arizona State University in 2007 thru the Arizona Designer Craftsmen group.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newspaper & Web Acknowledgement

My '13 Lotus Flowers For My Mother' quilt has been featured in The San Tan Sun Newspaper and on a website advertising the Art Quilts XIII Show.

Here are the links to both:



Juried Art Quilts Show

Recently I was juried into the Art Quilts XIII show at The Chandler Center for the Performing Arts in Arizona. The show runs Nov.7 thru Dec.31,2008. Here is a picture of my quilt. The title is 13 Lotus Flowers For My Mother. It is one in a series of three quilts that I have done as a tribute to my mother and her crochet work, which I have incorporated into the bottom right hand side of this piece. The work is 40" x 48".

I was thirteen when she died. There are references to religious symbols in the quilts, because I remember my mother as being very religious.

Here are the two other quilts in the series: 13 Flowers For My Mother, which is 24" x 24".

13 Roses For My Mother, which is 36" x 36".