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Fabric art is my passion. My interest in fabric started as clothes construction then progressed to quiltmaking-craftsmanship. Now for me it's a medium of creative expression.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is the largest quilt I've made so far, 93"x 105". I did it by hand and machine for daughter Melanie and her family. Detail shots are also shown.


Frank's portrait, 11"x14", was done in cloth from a drawing I did of him. It has hand and machine stitching. Any of the posts on my blog can be viewed closer by clicking directly on the pictures.


The solid colors and straight lines in this wall hanging, 47"x53", remind me of Amish designs except for the contrasting 3 dimentional heart; that I made from floral fabric. The Amish didn't use printed fabrics. I call it `Syncopated Serendipity'. It is all hand quilted.


This quilt shown with detail shots is all hand quilted. It took me about 6 months to do. Machine quilting goes much faster. It measures 70"x94".


Yes, I have done traditional quilts as well as my own designs. In 1984 while living in Kentucky, I learned to quilt doing piecing, applique and hand quilting. I met many nice friends by joining traditional quilt groups there. Kentucky has a rich heritage of quilting that goes back many generations. I feel I absorbed some of their techniques of good craftmanship while living there for 8 years.


Frank and I left our home state of Rhode Island the day after we were married because he received a scholarship to study for his masters degree at Ohio University. We lived in different cities in Ohio for 11 years. After leaving Ohio I made this quilt for Frank. It is a traditional pattern called Ohio Star. I thought the symbolism of him and the Ohio star was appropriate. The quilt measures 67"x88" and I machine quilted it.


Another traditional pattern. When 2 of our daughters left for college, I made each of them a flying geese quilt for their dorm beds with thoughts of them flying off to new opportunities. The pictured quilt is double bed size and machine quilted by me.

Monday, December 8, 2008


When we lived in Illinois I was juried into the 'Illinois Artisans Program' and sold this jacket thru their store in the State of Illinois Building in downtown Chicago. Background for the jacket is my mother's crochet work.

This jacket was made in a class taught by Carol Collett on constructing a quilted jacket from a sweat shirt. Using her techniques and my original design and fabric I made this jacket that I call 'Indian Prayer Jacket'.

This jacket I call, 'Wedding Jacket'. I made it for when Frank and I renewed our wedding vows in 2003, even though I didn't wear it for the ceremony. It was too hot here in Arizona; 110 degrees in the shade. It is a symbol of our renewal. Incorporated into the jacket is some of my mother's crochet work.